Challenger Insurance

Beyondnice is as passionate about the classic Challenger as you are, our deep knowledge of classic vehicles and their owners allows us to offer you better coverage for less. Whether you need to insure a 1971 Challenger Convertible, a 1970 Challenger R/T, or a 1971 Challenger Hemi, Beyondnice has your classic Challenger insurance covered. Welcome to the best Challenger insurance you’ll find anywhere. With Beyondnice, you’ll enjoy premiums that are up to 40% lower than daily driver insurance*.

What makes us the best? It begins with our Guaranteed Value coverage. Guaranteed Value means that we’ll help you set a fair value for your classic Challenger, and in the unfortunate event of a covered total loss, you will get every cent of your car’s insured value**. No depreciation. No hassle.

In the event of a claim that’s not a total loss, our in-house, claims team always goes the extra mile to get you back on the road quickly with parts specialists who will hunt down even the rarest stock parts.

We also don’t force mileage restrictions***. We believe you should actually get to drive your classic Challenger, which is why our Challenger insurance covers you out for a pleasure drive, on ice cream runs with the family, at events, rallies, and on tour with Beyondnice.

And then there are all the extras, including Roadside Service built for classics, with guaranteed flatbed towing. With our Valuation Tools, you can to build your own collector car portfolio with custom investment features, pictures of your cars, compare Challenger values over time, and follow market trends. You’ll also gain unlimited access to Challenger resources, newsletters & stories, and our classic car blog featuring everything from why the Challenger Hellcat made the Beyondnice 2015 Hot List of Future Collectible Cars to The True Confessions of a Lifelong Challenger Fan. You can even add your own story!

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