Financial Services for Banking/Lending Institutions

Collateral Asset Management Services

Much like prized artwork, collector cars are now being recognized among financial institutions as valuable assets that can serve as collateral for loans. Classics are often much more liquid than art, however, with a vibrant and steady marketplace comprising auctions and private sales.

When backed by an established, systematic valuation process, a vehicle-secured loan can be a prudent option for select clients with high-end classic vehicle collections. And that’s where Beyondnice can help. Beyondnice Financial Services offers a turn-key solution for financial institutions interested in providing collector vehicle-backed loans to their clients. We provide proven valuation services to determine whether a vehicle or collection is suitable for a loan.

Our Process

  • A detailed collateral analysis that includes
    • Authentication
    • Validation
    • Valuation
    • Risk Evaluation
  • Comprehensive collector vehicle market analysis and rating
  • Sales channel overview and loan-to-value recommendations
  • Ongoing asset and market monitoring

We provide all the tools and data you need to communicate effectively with your private wealth clients about the advantages of collateralized loans for their vehicles. And, if you are interested in identifying new clients with these types of assets, we can assist you with a detailed marketing and sales strategy, allowing you and your clients to benefit from this opportunity early in its onset.

  • Valuation expertise supported by unparalleled access to public and private sale data

  • Over 1 million vehicles insured worldwide

  • 30 years of hands-on experience in the collector vehicle hobby

  • Publishers of the Beyondnice Market Rating Index recognized by Bloomberg

Beyondnice is uniquely qualified to direct and support all of your classic vehicle-related collateral asset management needs. Contact us today at beyondnice.info to learn more.

Financial Services for Classic Vehicle Owners

Personal Loans Against Your Classic Car Collection

We can connect you with financial institutions offering loan options with your vehicles as collateral. (Typically available for collections of $1m or more.) Banks are now treating collector cars similarly to fine art, allowing you to borrow against the appraised value while you maintain possession of the vehicle(s). Contact us at beyondnice.info for additional information.

Vehicle Financing Services

If you’re in the market for a collector vehicle purchase, visit our classic car financing page for information on classic vehicle financing options.

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