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Editorial Statement

Beyondnice magazine is fuel for the motoring lifestyle. We’re as passionate about classic vehicles as the people who read our magazine – and that’s saying something.

Through its connection to Beyondnice Insurance Agency – the nation's top classic vehicle insurance provider – the magazine has access to the people, places and stories that drive the hobby and fuel the devotion collectors feel for their cars.

Beyondnice presents a chorus of different voices from this diverse and highly engaged community: collectors, auctioneers, show organizers, legislators, journalists, brokers, foundation spokespersons, judges, restorers, repair specialists, appraisers and the iconic personalities who make the cars we love.

In each issue, we delve into the topics that surround the hobby – showing, buying, selling, running a business, appraising and repairing classic vehicles – all while offering insight from highly respected figures in the hobby.

Our readers are passionate about their cars – and about the accessories and products they use to restore, repair and refine those vehicles. Their devotion to the hobby makes them avid readers of the publication – and an enthusiastic audience for anyone else who shares their interest.