Rick Carey

Rick Carey began reporting collector car auction results in 1991 with a printed newsletter, Auto Market Journal. It was a time when the bottom had fallen out of the collector car market and no one had a clue what a car was worth, not a Series I XKE and certainly not a Ferrari 275 GTB/4. It was a bad time to start a market newsletter but fast-forward twenty-seven years and I'm still at it, reporting some 40 auctions a year, mostly in the U.S. but also in Europe. Stability has returned to the collector car market, but trends still ebb and flow. I try to make the reports thorough, informative and entertaining and there are a quarter million auction results in the database, some well before the 90's, captured from collectors like Briggs Cunningham who scrawled results notes in their catalog margins. Auction reports are posted on www.rickcarey.com usually within a week or ten days of the auction and there is a signup form on the opening page for brief e-mail notifications of new auction posts. No spam.

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