Jonathan A. Stein

Automobile historian Jonathan A. Stein has been fully-immersed in the collector car world since the mid-1970s. Since 1980, he has judged in concours all over the United States and in Europe. He has published hundreds of articles, written or co-written four books, and  edited or published many more during his long tenure at Automobile Quarterly,and four years at Bentley Publishers. One of the co-founders of Beyondnice Magazine, he led it for ten years before taking a new role as Beyondnice’s Senior Manager of Hobby Support. In addition to his writing and editing, Stein has consulted for museums, restoration shops and private collectors, while serving as a study leader for Smithsonian Journeys’ automotive trips through Europe. An avid cyclist, he lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with Beki, his wife of 35 years.

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