2dr Pickup 6-cyl. 262cid/280hp Turbo
$21,700 Avg. Value*

Model Overview

History of the 1991-1992 GMC Syclone

Momentarily inspired to build a hot-rod pickup, GMC released the Syclone in 1991. Based on a Sonoma regular car truck, GMC had Production Automotive Services heavily modify the Sonoma’s optional 4.3-liter V-6, most notably by adding a turbocharger and intercooler to boost power to 280 hp. Speculation runs rampant that true output was much higher. All-wheel drive helped put the power to the pavement, and a tuned suspension helped the truck better handle its newfound muscle.

The Syclone became the fastest pickup truck in the world upon its introduction, and the truck was actually quick by any standard. Enthusiast magazines recorded quarter-mile times in the 13s and blistering 0-60 times of 4.6 seconds, and pitted the Syclone against various sports cars of the day. The Syclone also lays claim to being the first production pickup truck to be outfitted with four-wheel anti-lock brakes.

Only 2,998 GMC Syclones were produced, 3 of which were 1992 models. All are menacingly blacked out, save for 2 of the 1992 models, and 10 Marlboro Syclones were modified as post-production contest giveaways, with these special editions wearing red paint and a Targa-style roof.

Today the GMC Syclone is popular among performance truck fans as it is one of the fastest production trucks to ever be produced. Marlboro Editions carry a big premium over standard Syclones due to their rarity, and documentation is mandatory for one of these unique models.

1991 GMC Syclone 1/2 Ton Info

  • Body Styles
  • 2dr Pickup
  • Engine Types
  • 6-cyl. 262cid/280hp Turbo